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Japanese Garden Landscaping rocks
Interior Design Centerpieces

Unique Garden Features

Japanese Landscaping

Fossilized wood Gallery

Unique Interior design centerpieces that liven up dull corners, look great by the fireside and are brilliant conversation pieces.

Fantastic Feature stones for Landscape gardening especially for those of replica watches you looking to select some Japanese garden landscaping rocks.

These large pieces of Fossilized wood are really unique and unusual Gardening gifts

So, if you are looking for unusual gift ideas what could be a more unusual gift than a unique gift in the form of this genuine and exotic fossilized wood.

Choose your unique gift fossil from the Fossilized Tree Sections Gallery.

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Fossilized wood Gallery For selection

or click the small photos to view samples

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Unique Gift ideas for Interior Design
Exotic and Unusual Gifts

Unusual Gift ideas sample 1 View Gift 1
Weight 2.25 Kg
Height 14.5 cm
Cost £22.50

Unique and Unusual Gifts Gallery

If you are looking for a truly unique gift then you have come to the right place. As far as unique gifts go the unusual gifts we present here are all genuine undeniable unique gifts.

Although naturally decorative as stand alone Interior design features they are also perfect for interior landscaping. The ideal compliment for replica watches uk Cut flowers, Pot plants, Cacti, Bonsai or Ferns.

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Unique and Unusual Gifts Gallery

Unusual Gift ideas sample 1 View Gift 3
Weight 2.70 Kg
Height 17.5 cm
Cost £27.00
Unusual Gift ideas sample 1 View Gift 42
Weight 3.45 Kg
Height 15 cm
Cost £32.25
Unusual Gift ideas sample 1 View Gift 14
Weight 2.70 Kg
Height 16.5 cm
Cost £27.00

Aquarium Rock
Vivarium or Terrarium Decoration
Decor for Plant pots and Planters
Window box decoration


The pieces of Fossilized wood suitable for use in the above areas will be available for sale from this site at a later date.

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